What We Offer

We are a local business working within our community to provide a service that allows you the time and energy to do what you want to do. It can be draining trying to find the time to grocery shop.

We get it!

Reasons Why
  • Are you a busy parent trying to get your groceries done with kids in tow?
  • Do you have difficulty getting out due to illness, surgery or mobility issues?
  • Tired of long lines and road congestion?
  • No time?

We can help!

Added Benefits

Avoid long lines at the grocery store

Avoid impulse buys

More time to do what you love

How it Works

You probably already have put together a list of grocery staples that you shop for each week. Once you have that be sure to include your preferred brands and your add-ons. Once that’s done here’s what you’re going to do:

Email us your list

After we confirm receipt of your list and answer any questions, send your preferred delivery time and contact information. Since grocery items are perishable, we ask that you are home to accept your delivery at the mutually agreed upon time. We will send you a copy of your receipt before leaving the store and at time of delivery, you will be required to pay the amount in full plus 25% of your bill to cover our total fees.


5% off your first order

5% off for each referral customer

Reusable shopping bag service for repeat clients (Coming Soon)

Things we'd like you to know

  • We will keep your list on file to make your next Shop2U order simple
  • If you have a preferred store, just let us know
  • Any discrepancies will be handled on an individual basis
  • Refrigerated items will be transported in iced cooler bags
  • If you know someone who could benefit from our service but doesn’t have internet access we can set them up by phone

Specialized Gift Shopping

The Breakfast Bag (coffee/teas, milk, cereal, muffins, biscuit cookies and fresh fruit)

The Quick Dinner Bag (everything needed to pull together a quick, healthy dinner of your choice)

Winter Warmer Bag (tea, hot chocolate, marshmallows, honey, lemons, cough drops, tissues, lavender essential oil, soup mix, crackers)

The Local Market Bag (fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, bread, cheese, eggs)

The Yoga Bag (tea, bottled water, granola, power bar, lavender and tea tree essential oils)